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Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn and gifts Capricorn with amazing patience and great decision making skills. Want to discover more about the Capricorn personality? We have all the information you need here! Have you got questions and doubts about your relationship? If so, consult our fortune teller ball for the insight you need. Are you a Capricorn and want to know which zodiac sign you are compatible with? Relationships are very important to Capricorn people, in short, Capricorn needs to be with someone reassuring and comforting.

Capricorn horoscope today is the astro report you need to read! Traditional values are very important for a Capricorn, however you also love you having alone time and tend to hide your feelings from other people behind your tough shell. Capricorn, your unwillingness to share and express your feelings means you're not compatible with everyone, so which zodiac sign are you compatible with? Find out now! What will Capricorn's year be like? Capricorn horoscope reveals all! Dear Capricorn friends, click on your crush's zodiac sign and discover whether or not you are compatible in love.

Are you in love with a Capricorn? Learn how to attract a Capricorn man thanks to our zodiac tips.

Sex with a Capricorn

Learn more about this zodiac sign with our 15 facts about Capricorn. Opposites attract! These two zodiac signs are very different and should accept the principle of complementing the other.

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Concessions must be made in their love or professional life, if not these two really won't get on. This pair aren't always at the same pace, an Aries is always on the go, whereas a Capricorn is more contemplative. Aries can learn wisdom, maturity, and cautiousness from Capricorn, while Capricorn can learn to dream from an Aries. Aries will learn to trust and count on a Capricorn and the Capricorn will encourage an Aries to dare to chase their dreams. This duo could encounter problems if Capricorn decides to rain on the bubbly Aries' parade.

Capricorn and Taurus Compatibility: Nature and Nuances

But she can possible help him to talk things out and he can help her to appreciate more out of life. Capricorn Dates Capricorn dates are between December 22 and January The sun enters Capricorn on or around December 22, at the winter solstice. You might also like. Structure and routine come naturally to earth signs. Capricorn natives take a pragmatic approach to life, and are intelligent, judicious and responsible people.

If this couple decides to focus on what is real between them, they really could have a successful relationship. Aries will be reassured by Capricorn's wisdom and maturity and Capricorn will learn to dream with Aries by their side.

Capricorn Love Compatibility: Practical, Ambitious, and Patient

Althoug, making compromises will be the key to your love success. Here are two Earth signs, who embody cautiousness and logical.

While life can become a little monotone for the two, it works for them in their mutual happiness. Capricorn and Taurus are both possessive, but in this case their jealousy could work if they are open and honest. Their work ethic grants them success in long-term projects which advance slowly and surely.

click On the other hand, when the unexpected strikes, they both have trouble coming back after change and struggle to keep the flame burning. Both these zodiac signs have a hard time accepting change and adapting in function. They should use their practical sense to act instead of bitterness. Capricorn should keep the fire going in the bedroom to satisfy Taurus and make him melt, for Taurus is a love guru.

When faced with problems, this duo would do better to put their heads together and work towards finding a solution rather than fighting. Sexually, Capricorn needs to let go of their inhibitions in order to please Taurus. Here are two zodiac signs with a lot of ambition in their shared projects.

Gemini , childlike and talkative, can show an introverted, contemplative, and mature Capricorn something new. Capricorn and Gemini are both intellectual characters, however Gemini is quicker in their justifications, although Capricorn is deeper in their reasoning. On the other hand, Capricorn can truly be the backbone at work for an unorganized Gemini.

Capricorn is sincere, serious and loyal, all qualities that Cancer appreciates. The controlling nature of Capricorn aggravates the sensitive Cancer, who will respond bluntly and with coldness. When times get tough for Capricorn and Cancer, rather than talking their problems through like adults, they can both become engaged in a sulking competition and will never want to apologize. This is an amusing match, but believe it or not, opposites do attract!

As much as Capricorn is reserved, careful, stand-offish, and austere; as much as Leo is sociable, extroverted, passionate, and a bit hypocritical, together, the two uphold appearances, but are loyal to each other. Capricorn and Leo's loyalty and sincerity will tie them together for life. Leo is attracted to Capricorn's sensible nature, tenacity and ambition.

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As for Capricorns, they adore Leo's bright and bubbly personality, with a Leo by their side Capricorn's life will be super exciting. Leo could push Capricorn away because of their need to seduce and attract people.

These two Earth signs are a lot alike and can live happily together, even if their daily routine lacks excitement. At work Virgo and Capricorn make a great team and will really invest themselves in their projects, it's fair to say that their attention to details and need for perfection. When it comes to being creative, both Virgo and Capricorn have a hard time getting their ideas to flow. In a relationship, Virgo and Capricorn have a real need for security and a tranquility, an unstable relationship won't work out for them. The secret to success for this couple is open and fluid communication, if not they'll lose each other.

Although Capricorn and Libra are different, these two zodiac signs can find things in common. A welcoming and warm Libra finds Capricorn a bit cold and distant, but depsite their stark differences they can discover qualities they like about the other. We think that Capricorn and Libra should opt for a professional relationship rather than a romantic one. At work Capricorn will help channel Libra's energy and Capricorn will assist Libra in focusing on the essential facts.

Capricorn is an Earth sign, pragmatic, intellectual and realistic. Both in professional and romantic relationships, Capricorn and Scorpio will get along just fine thanks to their similar personalities. Scorpio and Capricorn are complementary in their authenticity, passion, and sincerity.

Love Matches

Cold and distant or deep and meaningful? All about the sex life, romantic relationships and communication in compatibility reports of Capricorn with other signs. Capricorn compatibility guide for love, sex and relationships. shows the typical scores for relationships between Capricorn and each of the other sun signs.

At work, a strategic Scorpio and an efficient Capricorn can do wonders together as courageous, tenacious, and determined individuals! All signs point towards this love match having a hard time opening up and talking about their feelings with each other, neither of them really like talking about their emotions. When drama arises between this couple, sparks will fly and things will get very heated. When Sagittarius , a Fire sign, meets Capricorn, an Earth sign, they rarely make a successful match.

Fire signs are passionate, dynamic and fast, which is why they have trouble dealing with slow Earth signs. If they happen to find something in common, enthusiastic Sagittarius can bring the necessary youthful spirit to open Capricorn up to the world. Capricorn on the other hand will bring a much needed sense of organization and structure into Sagittarius' life. When it comes to friendship, these two zodiac signs would make great pals and would really be able to count on each other in every situation. At work, as two organized signs, they work on long term projects and will ensure amazing results.

As friends, family, or dating, Sagittarius pushes Capricorn to action after long hours of reflection, whereas Capricorn will help Sagittarius make more informed decisions. In all their relationships, they are loyal to the other, they help build up each other's confidence and reassure each other when things aren't going well.

Capricorn and Capricorn are both mature and wise characters meaning important decisions don't scare them nor do complex plans and projects. When they disagree, they keep a sincere, open communication line in order to keep things solid rather than complicate them; their communication really is amazing. In a couple, two Capricorns should be wary of being cold or too distant from the other, if not their union won't stand the test of time. It would be too bad to see this match break up and go their separate way!

Keep your jealousy in check Capricorn! Your romantic life is undergoing a transformation.

Capricorn Sex

Fortunately, Capricorns tend to find their soul mates at work. In matters of the heart, you can be shy and awkward. You may appear unemotional on the surface, but deep inside lies a richly sentimental core. To their chosen mate, a Capricorn will remain ever loyal and true. Find your winning combinations here:. Love in For a while now your social circle has been quite narrow, home life has been topsy-turvy and work full-on.