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Libra Rising ~ Decans 1, 2 & 3

As I said in the general section, there can be quite extreme flips over to Eris if the delicate Libra balance is upset. Libra is an air sign and can be quite mentally anxious. Yes, Libra is famed for its harmony and peacemaking, but they can also just as much work themselves into a negative worry spiral such is the influence of Vindematrix at the end of this decan.

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It warns of the potential for mental breakdowns, medical care and even hospitalisation. Chinese Astrology — learn your sign, element, and about the year ahead, , the Year of the Pig or Earth Boar. The astrologists divide a year is into 12 periods, during each period the sun being in a constellation area. Libras take forever to make a decision because they have to weigh every possible option. The balancing of the scales indicates finding a compromise in this lifetime to extremism in the past…. Strive to become centred in your deepest heart's desire through steadfast self-honesty. Compassion is the basis of morality.

Sun Libra 1 could also find themselves partaking in too much of the vine if they are not getting the love they need which can also pull them into depression. The contrasts between happiness and sadness can be pretty sharp and there is a certain bi-polarity here. The bright Sun can suddenly flip over to eclipse itself and its Venus ruler As the morning star can go full-on Lucifer!

They often accomplish this in their works, but in their personal lives they are often much less successful, for they are often blind to the small injustices commited within their own relationships. I was born on Oct 10th at 5 25 am my birthday my hour of birth and my full name all equals the number 3 and oddly enough today equals 3 wow I just noticed that what does it mean? Sounds lik me to! I was a bit shocked and surprised to see the words bi-polarity.

Kind of fits emotionally. I do what I do because I am trying to fit in then I end up hurting myself n other people. This is my Moon In Sidereal 8.

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Although my mom was indecisive, but I attribute that to her Gemini Moon. It puts Pluto and the Moon in my 4th instead of just Uranus. Pluto makes sense here, and can color the 4th with Scorpio things, but Scorpio Rules my Tropical 4th anyway.

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Vindematrix 9º ~ “On the MC or on the Ascendant this star with its ASCENDANT LIBRA 1 EXAMPLES: UK Horoscope, Bill Clinton, David. Your Libra horoscope shows that home is definitely where the heart as the mountain of planets in Capricorn take up residence almost.

This works out well in the end because it will force you to rip out all the draining weeds in your life. The Lilith square from Jan 1 to Feb 6 introduces you to some of Saturn tests where you will learn to draw boundaries around yourself from vamps. You will learn to be objective and transcend those lower chakra impulses!

The first half of the year is nice and busy starting with a lovely Venus trine from Jan 18 to When you get harmonious transits like this they will really help mould into being whatever Saturn throws at you. The Venus opposition from Mar 7 to 14 provides an opportunity for you to solidify a relationship.

watch Any new relationship could become more committed at this time. The Mars square from Mar 18 to Apr 4 prepares you for a bumpy time ahead. You are in the mood for combat and find it hard to hold back your temper. If you do succeed in self-control then you will find misunderstandings with the Mercury Retrograde are less likely.

The Mercury Retrograde square from Apr 4 to 14 could bring some work challenges as having Saturn testing you at the same time is not an easy gig. Try not to fall into the trap of negative thinking. You are feeling much more positive with the Venus trine from 25 Apr to May 2. This also gives you a window of luck in love too. There are more relationship challenges with the Venus square from May 20 to 27 , but this is short lived. Use that time to get stuck into any work that involves design and bringing harmony to people. Hurrah, your mojo is back with a confidence inspiring Mars trine from May 16 to Jun This gives you the courage to push ambitious projects ahead and ask for a wage increase if one is long overdue.

July Onwards.


The Saturn square continues until Dec No pain, no gain is your mantra for this period. Grit your teeth and mantra yourself into a trance while the universe is bashing your knuckles with a hammer. One thing you will learn is patience and how to stay grounded no matter who pokes you. Once Saturn has passed you can lean on this wall rather than being obstructed by it. At least the Mars Retrograde trine from Jun 27 to Aug 12 is here to help you bounce over any Saturn obstacles. The first of which is the Lunar Eclipse trine of Jul Like eating healthily, you only notice the advantages from that when you eat badly!

The fabulous Venus conjunction from Jun 7 to 16 is a real feast of delights. It will also help with the trance antidote to the Saturn square. Another nice buffer is the magical Lilith trine which lasts from Aug 11 to Nov 4. This is overlapped by a super-natural Ceres conjunction from Sep 6 to During this period pagan treats await you if you take the opportunity to convene with nature and heal thyself with fresh air and good, home cooked food.

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After that you can look forward to the coming Jupiter sextile from Nov 8 to Dec Although it might be deepest winter where you live, prepare for an astrological springtime. You have worked hard on preparing and nutrifying the soil, now you can grow those Jupiter dream seeds. Libra is still dealing with the long-term Pluto square of transformation and resurrection from Jan 1 to Feb 5.

Then you get a nice break where you can rest those psychic muscles that have been stretched into a pretzel. A little bitchy Venus square starts the year for you from Jan 3 to 9. Silly lies or slander which you can ignore. Part of the Pluto square journey is about learning not to feed the trolls. There can be quite a lot of jealousy when Venus makes hard aspects to you at the same time as Pluto is.

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You will need to learn to trust your intuition and at the same time become more sceptical. Yes, some people just lie like its second nature unfortunately. The Lilith square from Jan 1 to Feb 6 can also be quite treacherous when she is at odds with a sullen Venus. Watch out for those triangular relationships. The rude awakening with the background Pluto square is that you are not on an equal playing field and people will use their victim status to drain you of your sympathy, and then your resources!

Life gets easier as springtime starts to blossom with the fragrant Venus trine from May 2 to This gives you that resurrection energy again. The Pluto square feels like a series of plunging into the volcano and then rising like that Phoenix from the flames, over and over again. But each time more purification occurs, coming off in layers, with each one getting clearer. The last Venus square of the season is from May 28 to Jun 4. This is an opportunity to get tough with relationships that are not serving you.

At the same time you need to question if you are not getting, is it because you are not giving? Venus is about balance and fairness. Energy is levelled out. The Pluto square lasts longer and intensifies in the second half of the year from Jul 14 to Dec The Venus conjunction from Aug 17 to 27 gives you your big Persephone moment.

This might be the time of the year that you make that brave move to dive into a collaboration or relationship that seemed too intense or demanding. With this transit you at least give the prospective romance a trial run instead of running for cover. You never know with Pluto, what seems dark and scary are just demons that you actually need to confront and lay to rest.

It may just be a short lived affair, but one that has the ability to blow away any long held phobias.

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Then things go relatively quiet so you can concentrate on the ongoing detox of your life. Pluto is also about empowerment to and being fearless. Part of the process is not being afraid of death. Facing the black hole of end times can bring hope for the future when you realise that life goes on and there are cycles. The supernatural Lilith trine helps you look into other dimensions from Nov 11 to Dec Second, when you accept your dark side, you take a big step toward inner wholeness and integrity.

Acting with integrity means acting with all your being, not just following a moral code. Of course, following a moral code is a personal decision, but you can make that decision with integrity, with all your being. Keeping yourself mentally separated: "I am a good person for doing this, but I am a bad person because I have this addiction," will put you to a state of constant mental disruption.

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We're not designed to act in a fragmented way. Rather, we're supposed to act as a whole unique person, with good and bad parts. And third, when you accept you have a dark side, you establish a starting point. You know who you are as a whole person and you can now begin the work to integrate the two sides of your personality. You can understand that you're not only a hard-working, respectable person, but you are also the person who isn't perfect.

This is who you are and it's time to accept it. The way to the light is through the darkness.

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Once you understand and accept your dark side, you can begin the inner work of reconciling your two sides and integrating both into a happy, healthy existence. It won't happen overnight, but once it does, you will be able to fully accept who you are and move forward along your path in life. There have been many articles written about the traits of each zodiac sign.

Most of them concentrate on the positive side of each sign. But, with the light there is dark; with the sweet their is sour. So it is with each zodiac sign. We all have a side of us that we don't like to show. Aries is the most impulsive and impatient of the zodiac signs. They also tend to be immature. Also, if an idea isn't theirs, they don't agree with it.

Taurus is possessive, materialistic, and sometimes vain. They sometimes need to be forcefully taught the golden rule.