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Joker Rx, ie, new PM. Red suit indicates yes. King D and 9 D. Money talks last minute. Ace Clubs. A deal. New start. So then, what does it look like? Will it be a rehashed Withdrawal Agreement? The so-called No Deal departure is the anathema of many Remain voters and the preferred option of many, though by no means all Leave voters, whether these are Labour voters or Tory voters. Meanwhile the Brexit Party has demonstrated its muscle, not only in the EU Elections, but in the UK sufficient that, although the Leave vote was split in Radnorshire, the very splitting of that vote also demonstrated the power of the Brexit party, even though this worked against both the Tory Party and the Brexit Party, such that the Lib Dem candidate was selected.

Not really. If it is a NO Deal departure, then there is a special European deal on the side. This is not looking like a straight WTO exit. Or if it is, there is also some kind of a special trade deal with the EU. No, this is a beast of some other form. Is it Leave and is it good news for the UK economy? This reading starts as a classic Line of Five spread, where the cards are read left-right like a storyboard.

How and why does this work in practice? I could do it the other way around, blacks are yes and reds are no, and that would work just as well. But this is how I have programmed myself to read them, and with much repetition, like learning to play an instrument, this is how it actually starts to work and deliver accurate results.

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Perhaps the brain builds new synapses. The results will not be accurate every time, any more than with any other form of forecasting. Of course not, and prescience is not omniscience, or anything like it, but this is the basic mechanics of how card reading is done. The short answer is, cartomancy suggests there will very likely be at least some kind of trade deal with the EU, so that it will not be a complete WTO exit.


Brexit in Name only? This is looking like a trade- only deal, so far as I can see, possibly because the Backstop issue is resolved adequately for Parliament just and Mrs Merkel feels she has obtained for EU members some adequate measure of economic surety.

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That one red suit card, the 8 of Hearts , is representing the status quo, and the power of the Remain lobby in Parliament. The Joker — cue the catcalls here from those out of accord with the new PM, says a former Labour voter - but this is a destiny card, and does not simply describe an actual Joker or clown or buffoon. But if it did, then take another look at the Joker. See the smile. Watch the eyes. They are serious. So is the skill. As an opponent, he is not to be underestimated.

The Joker is a card of surprises. It is the most powerful card in the deck, symbolically. My deck contains two Jokers and both have made an appearance in this 9 card spread. Astrologically speaking, and rather curiously, this is also the card of the new PM, Boris Johnson, as a Gemini subject three times over. The Joker is Gemini.

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Questioner : Yes, and my other children seem highly attracted to my tummy all of a sudden and clingy. The fascinating Scorpio personality is like no other and is extremely decisive and emotive. They are generally reserved, shy, analytical, discriminating, precise, industrious, systematic, considerate, punctual, and reliable. Will UK leave the EU with an agreed deal? On 5th December' Mercury the lord of business, communication, intelligence and travel will enter in Scorpio sign and it will stay there till 25th December' Under the surface of things, your abilities to inspire and provide creative inspiration and support to the world simply glow during the end of July.

And he is not afraid of the EU, unlike Mrs May, and where she had Ollie Robbins, he has Dominic Cummins, one to be knighted, the other held up to public opprobrium. Mr Johnson is intellectually and politically agile, mercurial even, and not averse to sleight of hand.

This is meant neither as criticism or a compliment. The stakes are so high, the situation demands nothing less than utmost cunning, or as others would call it, utmost strategic thinking. Where all civility has gone, violence will surely follow. So, the next card. The central card in that top row. And we have the 2 Spade s.

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Megan Skinner explores the archetypes in Tarot through a stylish lens. astrologer, and each month, gives us a deeper look into the Tarot through the lens of pop-culture and fashion . Hermit style also celebrates the power of a good hood! A Libra with Leo rising and Moon in Pisces, Megan loves fashion, the sublime. LIBRA - All About To Start Making Sense Now - Horoscope Tarot - August . Leo August - Your Free Forecast for the month on love, money, life purpose, Full moon rising over Mt. Hood Full Moon Pictures, Full Moon Rising, Moon .. in political circles as a possible Democratic candidate in the election.

This is reinforced by the next card, the 3 Swords. This is in itself a deeply negative card with grief and mourning attached. Our family of nations is unhappy, angry and uneasy. But here, it is also a 3 way plan and again, it signifies a parting of the ways enacted in law. The news media suggests this is probably the case even as we speak. The outcome card, the 5 Clubs…so what does that mean? Clubs is the suit of government and business. This change is uncomfortable.

But as you see, red suit cards translate as yes in cartomancy, black suit cards translate as no, so my cards, rightly or wrongly, have produced that same card as I drew in May, suggesting some kind of trade deal with the EU either before we leave, or immediately upon exiting. Joker Reversed The risk has to be detected as real enough and actually, it is.

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It looks as though Mrs Merkel will say this if she decides Mr Johnson is not bluffing. To get the thing over the line and try to heal divisions, which right now are more of a yawning abyss.

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That 5 Clubs card is also a reminder that the UK is the 5th largest economy in the world. Mrs Merkel is naturally, acutely aware of this, and she does not let personal pride or vanity get in the way of her judgement.

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This last comment is based on the cards. Mrs Merkel is being shown to me as the eminently pragmatic and shrewd Queen of Diamonds, and the 9 Diamonds says…money talks.

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Incidentally, Diamonds is the suit of electricity, and may sometimes suggest a health problem of nervous origin. It works on the basis that the mind does not reside entire within the brain, and we know things at a deeper level than language, so the challenge is to distract the conscious mind, notice body cues from the CNS, and turn those into language.

This language is of necessity, restricted to yes, no or maybe, in varying degrees of emphasis or intensity, depending on the size of the swing, and the speed of rotation of the swing. The pendulum moves to YES, wobbles a while then moves towards NO and starts swinging rapidly back and forth.

Again, the pendulum moves to YES, wobbles there awhile, then moves towards NO and starts swinging rapidly back and forth. So that Ace of Clubs card. I also drew it in May. Classic meanings. A new business agreement. Trade Deal. A new Government. A General Election. It is swinging to NO. I keep thinking of that Ace of Clubs card. But the arc stops well short of the later end of this date range. The Joker hints at surprises. Something may happen earlier than expected. Update: I believe this coming twist was at least in part, the announcement made on 28 August, 8 days following the reading, declaring the proroguing of Parliament in which case that 5 of Clubs card, in addition to its more general meaning, specifically denotes the time frame; 5 weeks. That is, four weeks of the annual conference season plus another week.

There is a gap here, begging some question not directly articulated. It is very often the case in Divination, that one has to read between the lines and look for what is NOT present in the cards. As a reader for a client, I draw my cards, share my impressions and then I ask the client for their question.

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Context is crucial for interpretation, and I am but an instrument. But in terms of cartomancy, what is being sensed here I think, is that there is a third possibility. Another route out. This seems unlikely to say the least. Since it would take time to negotiate and conclude such a deal, we would need short-term bridging arrangements to keep trade flowing freely in both directions while the details of the long-term FTA were being hammered out.

The UK and the EU would continue to recognise goods and services as conforming with their standards, unless and until relevant laws are changed. Most of these bridging arrangements could be implemented at least in the short term through the UK and the EU using unilateral powers under the umbrella of a political agreement, as opposed to needing a formal legal agreement.

Things are mighty peculiar. They are at the same time intransigent, and yet moving on apace. Brexit, hey?